Where is Middle School Summer Camp?

Island Lake Camp
12500 Camp Ct NW
Poulsbo, WA 98370

What is the cost of  Middle School Summer Camp for a leader?

Early Registration:  $79.00 (til May 31, 2019)
Standard Registration:  $99.00

Note: You can make payments towards camp. However, final payment is due by June 15.

If you would like to apply for a scholarship to be a leader at camp, please fill out this form.

When and where are the leader trainings for Middle School Summer Camp?

June 6th 6p at the newlife Training and Event Center
June 20th 6pm at the newlife Training and Event Center

Is a current cleared background REQUIRED to serve at  Middle School Summer Camp?

Yes! Please make sure to have this completed prior to camp.

When should leaders arrive at Island Lake for Middle School Summer Camp?

Leaders should arrive to Island Lake Camp no later than 1:30P on June 24, 2018.

When can leaders leave  Middle School Summer Camp?

Leaders are expected to stay at camp until all students have been picked up and the director of camp has released all leaders.  Please contact the camp team to let them know if you need to leave earlier than this time.

What is the Check-In Process for Middle School Summer Camp?

You will be checked in by your first and last name. You will receive a camp packet that includes a map, your room assignment, and guide for summer camp.

When is the leader huddle at Middle School Summer Camp?

Leader huddle will start at 2:15P. It is important for you to be at this meeting to receive all last minute details.

What should group leaders bring to  Middle School Summer Camp?

All leaders will be in cabins. Here is a suggested packing list:

Bible and notebook
Pillow/Sleeping Bag
Bug Spray

What are the theme nights for Middle School Summer Camp this year?

White out

What should NOT be brought to Middle School Summer Camp?

Due to safety and health concerns, we request that campers not bring: iPods/portable music players, handheld video games, computers, DVD players, skateboards, jewelry of any kind, knives, guns, ammunition, fireworks, tobacco, alcohol or illegal drugs to the retreat.  We highly recommend that all electronics be left at home.

*newlife church is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.

Is there a newlife store at Middle School Summer Camp?

After evening gatherings, newlife store will be open with camp apparel, snacks and late night burgers. This can be purchased with cash or with bank funds.

Is there another snack bar available during the day at Middle School Summer Camp?

Island Lake snack bar will be open during free time. This is cash only. Any cash in the newlife bank, is not accessible for these purchases.

Is there a Lost & Found at Middle School Camp?

All lost and found collected at camp will be located at the gathering space during camp. Items will be kept for 1 week, then donated to the Goodwill. Contact events@newlife.tv  or (360) 337-1300 ext. 301 regarding lost items.

What do I do with my medications at  Middle School Summer Camp?

If you will be bringing prescription, over-the-counter, or medication of any kind to summer camp, only bring the amount needed for the duration of the camp (in clearly marked packaging). Medication must be turned in to the nurse at check-in with a signed doctor's note.

Here is the required form for  medication at camp

Can I get a refund if I am unable to attend middle School summer camp?

There are no refunds on camp payments, you can transfer your registration to another person.  If you’d like to do this, please email events@newlife.tv with info about the transfer.

What is the expected leader behavior at Middle School Summer Camp?

If anyone brings any weapons of any kind, drugs, alcohol, or breaks any of the behavior agreement rules, they will be asked to leave the event immediately.  Parents will be responsible for transportation and any expenses associated with this.

*Summer camp is a NON-SMOKING environment.

Who can I contact in case of an emergency at Middle School Summer Camp?

Camp Director:  Ryan Jones (360) 440-8088
Network Events Lead: Sara Plumb 360-386-7386
Non-Emergency Voicemail Line: (360) 337-1300 ext. 301

*These individuals may be difficult to reach the week of camp – please be prepared to leave a voicemail.

If you have any additional questions prior to camp please email camp@newlife.tv