Who is Middle School Summer Camp for?

This camp is specifically designed for students in 6-8th grade. Middle school students can expect to experience gatherings relevant to their stage in life, free time and fun activities, and a real camp experience with their friends and leaders. For students 6th - 8th grade this week will be the highlight of their summer.


Sunday, June 23rd - Wednesday, June 26th

How much does Middle School Summer Camp cost?

First 100- $299.00
Early Registration- $329.00
Standard Registration- $349.00

Note: Payment options are available for Summer Camp. You will need to create an account at registration to make payments. However, on June 15 your final payment is due.

Where is Middle School Summer Camp?

Island Lake Camp
12500 Camp Ct NW
Poulsbo, WA 98370

Where do students get dropped off for Middle School Summer Camp?

Drop off for Middle School Summer camp is at Island Lake Camp - 12500 Camp Ct NW, Poulsbo, WA 98370, between 3-4pm.  Parents are welcome to check-in students and help them get settled into their cabins.

Where do students get picked up from for Middle School Summer Camp?

Pick up for Middle School Summer camp is at the NewLife Training and Event Center at 8:30p

What is included in the cost of Middle School Summer Camp?

A bed in a cabin, breakfast, lunch and dinner (starting with dinner on Sunday through dinner on Wednesday), group time, and fun activities.

What can I expect at Check-In for Middle School Summer Camp?

Students will check-in and turn in the Island Lake Waiver. Students with medication will check-in with the camp nurse and turn in the required Medication At Camp Form.

What should I bring to Middle School Summer Camp?

All students and leaders will be in cabins, with boys & girls in separate cabins. Here is a suggested packing list:

Bible, notebook and pens
Pillow/Sleeping Bag
Bug spray

What should my student NOT bring to Middle School Summer Camp?

Due to safety and health concerns, we request campers do not bring:

iPods/portable music players, handheld video games, computers, DVD players, cell phones, skateboards, jewelry of any kind, knives, guns, ammunition, fireworks, tobacco, alcohol, or illegal drugs. We highly recommend that all electronics be left at home.

*newlife is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Will there be a Newlife store at Middle School Summer Camp?

newlife youth will be selling summer camp apparel and late night snacks. This can be purchased with cash or with bank funds.

*newlife is not responsible for lost or stolen cash, please use our ‘bank’ option if you prefer to be ‘cashless at camp’.

Will there be a snack bar available at Middle School Summer Camp?

Island Lake snack bar will be open during free time. This is cash only.

What are the Activity Add-ons for Middle School Summer Camp?

There are two optional add-ons for Middle school camp:

paintball $22
dirt bike $24

Because these activities are safely ran by Island Lake staff, the high volume of people at Middle School Summer Camp, and time constrictions, there are only a limited amount of spots available for these activities. These will be an option for students on a first come, first serve basis while spots are available.

If students elect not to participate in these add-on activities there are plenty of other options included in the registration fee such as waterfront swimming activities (including the blob, swimming and canoes), various sports and games such as soccer, volleyball, basketball, ping pong, disc golf, foosball, inflatables, arts & crafts, and much more.

How can my student use the camp bank at Middle School Summer Camp?

If you prefer your student to be ‘cashless at camp’ you can deposit money into an individually created ‘bank’ account to be used for purchases at the camp store. Deposits can be made electronically during registration, or electronically during camp. If students bring cash to camp, they can make a deposit to the bank during the store hours. After camp, any bank balance of $10 or less (whether electronically deposited or cash deposit) will be donated to the newlife youth camp scholarship fund.

Will there be a lost & found at Middle School Summer Camp?

Lost and found collected at camp will be at the gathering space during camp. After camp, items will be kept for one week and then donated to Goodwill. Contact the newlife event team regarding lost and found at 360-337-1300 ext.301 or camps@newlife.tv

What does my student do with their medications at Middle School Summer Camp?

If you will be bringing prescription, over-the-counter, or medication of any kind to summer camp, only bring the amount needed for the duration of camp (in clearly marked packaging). Medication must be turned in to the nurse at check-in with a signed doctor's note.

Here is the required form for  medication at camp

What is the expected student behavior at Middle School Summer Camp?

If anyone brings weapons of any kind, drugs, alcohol, or breaks any of the behavior agreement rules, they will be asked to leave summer camp immediately and parents will be responsible for transportation and any expenses associated with this.

*Summer camp is a TOBACCO FREE environment.

What numbers should I use for emergency contacts during Middle School Summer Camp?

Camp Director: Ryan Jones (360) 440-8088
Network Events Lead: Sara Plumb (360) 386-7386
Non-Emergency Voicemail Line: (360) 337-1300 ext. 301

*These individuals may be difficult to reach the week of camp – please be prepared to leave a voicemail.

If you have any additional questions prior to camp please email camps@newlife.tv

What are the theme nights for Middle School Summer Camp?

Theme nights are a newlife camp tradition and each night students and leaders are encouraged to dress up in the theme for the night. Feel free to bring clothes & costumes to dress up with your friends Themes are below:

White out

What can my student expect from tribal wars at Middle School Summer Camp?

Tribal Wars is a huge highlight for many students at camp. As camp begins, students are broken up into large groups, we call them ‘tribes’, and all week they work together to gain points by doing team building games.

The games are designed with two main things in mind: inclusion and safety. We want the most students as possible to be able to participate and have a great time getting to know each other as they work together. This is done in a manner that protects the students from harm. And all the while, they have a great time doing it!

Tribal Wars is one of summer camp’s biggest highlights! It is the moment at camp where students become better teammates with each other and compete in all different varieties of games. At the end one team will be crowned the winner of Tribal Wars 2019. This is something that students look forward to every year. Each year keeps getting better!

Every tribe has a color. A great idea is to purchase an inexpensive item like a tshirt or bandana to wear during Tribal Wars. The colors are below.


What are the safety procedures at Middle School Summer Camp?

Safety at summer camp is very important. Every adult on site will have been background checked through the national database.  Students are assigned a cabin with their group leader and a second adult. During camp, there is a security team who is serving to keep students safe while they are at camp.

What can I do if my student is unable to attend Middle School Summer Camp?

You are able to transfer your registration to another student of your choice.  Email to events@newlife.tv the other students name and contact info that you’d like to transfer registration to.  Unfortunately, there are no refunds for camp.

Will early check in be available for Middle School Summer Camp?

Yes, early check-in for Middle School Summer Camp will be available on Sunday, June 23rd at all campus locations.